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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[Unreleased] (beta, main branch content)

Can be run using npm run codetotal:beta

  • Global
    • Add CodeTotal logo as header in repository README and documentation main page
  • Front-end
  • Back-End

[v0.7.1] - 2023-08-22

  • Front-end
    • Better text wrapping in ResponsiveTable
    • Fix severity column text wrapping
    • Fix footer text in small viewports

[v0.7.0] - 2023-08-20

  • Global
    • Remove unused packages from the project
  • Back-End
    • Fix issue when retrieving license for Pypi packages for SBOM results tab

[v0.6.0] - 2023-08-17

  • Global
  • Front-end
    • Add language label
    • Add missing icon for Java
    • Show language only if it's available
    • Detect language for file analysis
    • Change score to risk
    • Remove auto focus from analysis tabs
    • Add auto focus to snippet & repo inputs
    • Highlight resource type in report header
    • Add a button in report toolbar to show code for snippet & file analysis
    • Add a report progress bar
    • Optimize new analysis dialog, drawer and linters list components' renders
    • Fix completed report receiving updates from ongoing analysis
    • Repo input form: ENTER keypad must start the scan if repo has been input
    • Add a toggle button for wrapping text in CodeViewer modal dialog
    • Add link to packages registry in SBOM panel
    • Fix Safari not showing Score component correctly #81
    • Display "snippet" in results page instead of md5: xxxx
    • Add a share button in the footer
    • Fix focus/hover effects for the links in the footer
  • Back-End
    • Bug fix: SBOM packages not showing up in report page. Async parsing of packages information in SBOM module
    • Retry calls to pypi or npm in case first attempts are failing
    • Increase unit test coverage #88
    • Fetch SBOM packages with concurrency of 10
    • Fix issue when there is no SBOM package info
    • SBOM results: Remove duplicate packages and sort them alphabetically (as a second criteria, after severity)
    • Allow to override parallel number of SBOM packages fetches using env var CODETOTAL_SBOM_FETCH_PARALLEL_NB (default is now 30)
    • Add SBOM missing types

[v0.5.0] - 2023-08-10

  • Global
    • Add animations to documentation - Refactor animations with black mode & linter icons
    • Add Google Tag Id for online doc
  • Front-end
    • Add linters logos

[v0.4.0] - 2023-08-09

  • Global

    • Use latest version for production mode (by default), or beta version of MegaLinter to run CodeTotal in development mode
    • Documentation of docker-compose variables
    • docker-compose new variable: REPOSITORY_TRUFFLEHOG_COMMAND_REMOVE_ARGUMENTS=--only-verified
    • Badges in README

[v0.3.0] - 2023-08-09

  • Global
    • Doc: display linter icons
  • Front-end
    • Fix error page styles and apply the fallback error page to all routes

[v0.2.0] - 2023-08-09

  • Global

    • Use latest codetotal-server docker image in production docker-compose.yml
    • Deploy online doc when any markdown file is updated
    • Factorize docker-compose
      • npm run codetotal runs latest release of CodeTotal and beta version MegaLinter (in the future it will be latest)
      • npm run codetotal:beta runs beta version of CodeTotal and MegaLinter
      • npm run codetotal:dev locally builds CodeTotal then runs it with beta version of MegaLinter
  • Front-end

    • Language selection in snippet analysis form
    • Language name added next to the icon in report header
    • "CodeTotal" text added to the footer
  • Back-End
    • Add SBOM management for NPM packages
      • SBOM info failure management
    • Replace nodemon by ts-node to run back-end in dev mode

[v0.1.0] - 2023-08-07

  • Initial public version
    • CodeTotal front-end
    • CodeTotal back-end
    • Ready to use docker-compose using CodeTotal and MegaLinter images
    • Online Documentation on
    • Contributing instructions